Running safe in China: First Respond 第一反应®’s safety solution for sports lovers

Posted 2016-08-19 | Min Ko

On November 8, 2015, the day of celebrating 20th anniversary of Shanghai International Marathon, First Respond 第一反应® organized the very first Marathon Safety Summit in cooperation with the Shanghai Sports Federation and Shanghai Distance Running Association. The aim of this event was to bring leading Chinese and global marathon medical officers and organizers to create a learning platform for race medicine and protocols, foster professional sports physicians network, and make proliferating race events safer in China. […]

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Which social problems First Respond 第一反应® is trying to solve in China?

Posted 2016-08-18 | Min Ko

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world and especially for China, urbanization demands not only higher quality in-hospital healthcare but also pre-hospital care. Yet, the survival rate of out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest (OHCA) is only 1% in Beijing, which is very low compared to 10% back in the US. Further, the success rate of practicing CPR after 10 min from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is nearly zero. […]

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