2019-11-27 Chinese star died of sudden cardiac arrest, what should we do?
2018-07-21 One person dies of sudden cardiac arrest in China, learn first-aid skills with First Respond for five kinds of problems
2017-01-01 FIRST RESPOND 第一反应® Impact Report 2015/16 now available!
2016-12-09 Robin Lu, COO of First Respond 第一反应®, shares key challenges of SEs in China at the SEFORÏS Conference in Birmingham, UK.
2016-11-25 First Respond 第一反应® receives a Responsible Innovation Award (SME) at the 3rd EUCCC Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony
2016-10-13 AHA awards the very first Heartsaver® Hero Award in China
2016-09-23 First Respond 第一反应® organizes Entrepreneurial Spirit with Innovative Approach to Doing Socially Good Forum at the Fifth China Charity Fair.
2016-09-05 [CEOCIO China Magazine] Cover Story –Here comes the B Corporation
2016-08-08 [China Daily] First Respond becomes first Certified B Corporation in Chinese mainland
2016-06-25 First Respond’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Lu Le, speaks at the 2ndCSEIF and talks about B Corp
2016-06-22 [Official Announcement] First Respond –The First Certified B Corporation in P.R. China
2016-05-31 The 11thXuanzangGobi Challenge Safety Operation Final Report