Our Story

First Respond 第一反应® was founded in 2010 by a group of CEIBS graduates, both EMBAs and MBAs. In the beginning, it was only a group of volunteers led by Mr. Lu Le, now the CEO of the company, providing first aid services to runners in marathon events in China.

Lu Le, who often prefers to be called as 陆队 – ‘Captain Lu’ in Chinese – over 老板 – ‘boss’ in Chinese – is an audacious explorer, enthusiastic philanthropist, and experienced first aid squad captain. He also holds bachelor’s degree from Keio University in Japan and has been working as a serial entrepreneur with three of his IT start-ups bought out to some of the big corporates in Japan.

It was not until later, when the founding members of the company and he encountered a series death caused by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) before and during the race events in China, that they realized something was wrong.

If there were only well trained first responders, willing to help, and AEDs at the scene to bring these victims back to life while waiting for ambulances to arrive, would these victims not have had a second chance to live? With this question in his mind, he spent considerable time doing research and was shocked by his findings:

1. Currently, in China, pre-hospital emergency care system is nearly absent with significant lack of professionally trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics.

2. A survival rate of cardiac arrest is less than 1% for out-of-hospital patients even in top tier cities.

3. Less than 1% of the Chinese population are equipped with basic life-saving skills.

4. Most public places in China do not have AEDs installed and first aid kits prepared for emergency situations.

Since summer 2015, when like-minded investors decided to support Lu Le with his business to tap into these problems by offering high-quality first aid training, services, and solutions, First Respond 第一反应® became a for-profit social enterprise, which now has more than sixty employees with core management team members from previous volunteer group.

Today, we strive to be a pioneer in using our own business to bring public’s awareness about safety issues and to provide the best solutions to make China a safer place.